Ignorance​,​Their Greatest Weapon


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Technical Death Metal.
Concious lyrics


released January 2, 2013

Produced By Tim Richards



all rights reserved



Four piece technical death metal band from South east London.
Animus Sadist deliver a heavy and relentless live show.
Political lyrical themes, well thought riffing, technical drumming
and banshee like vocals.

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Track Name: Redemption
Where do you stand in the fight for our world,
we must seize it from the clutches of the wicked,
How can you stand behind a country
who execute
women, children,
justice shall be fucking served,
I fear not for the future as we aren't worthy of
Redemption is our only option, Revolution
call your fucking name,
we must
we must act
before we are
from the face of the
earth, we must stray from
the path
as we are marched to our deaths,
lied to oppressed,
this could be our last chance
shall be served.
for far too long we have followed your preposterous laws
this could be our last chance
at saving our world
where do you stand in the fight for our world?
We will not be silenced,
I will spill your precious secrets,
Burn you fucking pigs.
Track Name: Saviour and Mentor
In your hands you hold the heart I never had,
the exception to the rule,
I will never walk that shadowed path again,
through the darkness I saw a glimmer of hope,
I gripped and never let go,
I will never forget,
I will never look back,
I was a fraction of the man that I am,
my eyes no longer clouded by misery,
my heart is cold but I feel the
warmth of the sun running through my veins,
know that every breath I take is down to you,
I can forgive the world for all of its wrongs,
I can forget every word I ever wasted,
I owe you everything I have,
You gave a dead man
a heart,
a chance
You saved my fucking life
and i'll never forget
Track Name: My Hope Wither's
Sewing the seed of hatred into fertile minds
pulling apart the hands of humanity
I don't want to belive my eyes
Disgusted by all they fall upon
My hope withers
for I know
where this leads
I picture a sorry end
They do not forget
what you teach
hatred breeds hatred
ignorance our undoing
The hatred you show
to the child you bear
ignorance our undoing
they do not forget!
They will
blossom into machines
of War.
They do not forget.
Track Name: Ignorance, Their Greatest Weapon
Manifested in such a way,
even clear to the untrained eye,
the money they demand,
to fund their oil wars,
greed it's on their faces,
for what?
A holocaust
You've signed away your life
for a few fucking pennies
Ignorance their greatest weapon,
Far mightier,
than anything
they could buy with
their bloodstained bills,
for what ?

Do Not believe
Their lies
Open your fucking eyes


This is our final chance
I can feel the clock ticking
The nights grow colder
Humanity is dead.
Track Name: An Accurate Depiction
This is the end of an era of oppression.
Your backwards beliefs,
insult any knowledge,
I refuse to watch this rot away,
years of silence,
following an impossible regime,
you cannot live your life with ancient wisdom,
I forsee this world burning down.
Democracy is an imagination of the ignorant,
we are ruled by the rich,
our words hold no weight
unless we line their pockets with the fruits of our labours.
Ongoing is our fight to expose the forgery within the house of corruption.
Logic is cast aside
as bills aprove bills, .
They are trying to limit what we can learn,
in fear of revolt,
Genocide is no rarity,
innocent lives...
crushed by the evil
This is the end
of us
This is the end
of us
This is the end of us
We will die
a failure
We will die
A failure